Spontaneous trip to falls



One of my favourite things to do is hop in a car and go discover a new location. I was fortunate to do this all summer as part of the REQUIEM OF WATER project back and forth to Tobermory and Manitoulin Island. ¬†After watching a drone bird’s eye view footage of half frozen Niagara Falls, I needed to go see it for myself. I had only ever been to the falls in the summer and the winter version looked more memorable. My friend Niki was up for a spontaneous drive and adventure so we drove there the next morning. It was -10 degrees celsius with 54km/hr winds. Really nippy, but we were dressed for it. Niki with her two coats and 3 pairs of long underwear and me with a scarf that wrapped five times around my neck and face.

The American side was mostly frozen over and looked like huge mounds of snow cones at the base of the falls. The Canadian side was still free flowing and created icicles everywhere in its path. Some icicles were as tall as a two or three storey house. Had we stayed longer, we too would have become icicles.

Here are some photos of the Canadian side.

ice ice baby


Niagara Falls 1

Niagara Falls 2Niki2

niagara falls 4

Niagara falls 3

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